Custom settings: Engaging Network Settings

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Found under Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Engaging Networks Settings

This object holds the base configuration options required for the EN Connector to work.

Engaging networks settings example.png

Field Default Value Required Comments
Name: Integration settings Yes Must be filled in with 'Integration settings'
Account ID: Only set if syncing multiple EN accounts to one SF instance
Email: Yes Email to receive notifications and errors
Engaging Networks Token: Yes Engaging Networks 'Private token'

which links EN account to Salesforce

Export Group: Recommended Reduces the data being requested from EN to only the needed fields
Export Type: CSV Yes Set to CSV
Last Failure Reason: No Last failure error is written back here
Pull Frequency (in Minutes): No Deprecated - ignore
Request Fail Counter: No How many errors have been seen
Request TimeOffset: No Deprecated - ignore
Time Zone: -5 Yes
Use [CLEAR] For Blank Fields: Optional Blanket option to push [CLEAR] to EN, if the respective blank value in SF is found.
Push Batch Size: Start with 1000 Yes This is the batch size that is used when pushing records to Engaging Networks (i.e. number of rows in each attachment). The value must be at least 1 and a maximum of 2000.
Pull Batch Size: Start with 100 Yes This is the default batch size that will be used for pull requests and also for the processing in Engaging Networks Import Records
Named Credentials: No If you require connectivity to the US 'Dallas' Data Center, specify ENDC2. See release notes for more details.