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A tool to connect to Engaging Network’s export API web service and pull a specified timeframe of data. Once the Transactional Data is downloaded, it is then converted into the Engaging Networks Import Records staging table.

Engaging networks manual pull tool.png
Note that using this tool in conjunction with an already scheduled import, will result in duplicate records! It is therefor important to specify the correct day/timeframe if importing into a ‘live account’.


Engaging Networks also imposes certain restrictions on how much data is made available to the export API.

These are:

  • Only 32 days of data is callable
  • Calling ‘Todays’ data is only to be used in ‘test phases’, by using the HH:MM format. As there is also a 2-hour delay in data being made available to this aggregated table, please wait a couple of hours before trying to call an action that you have just made.

In a live scenario, the scheduled job pulls ‘yesterdays’ data.