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Standard Objects

During the installation of the EN Connector, the standard Salesforce objects of Account, Contact, Lead, CampaignMember, Actions and Opportunity have a field set called 'Engaging Networks Mapping' automatically created.

Exposing additional fields, on the Contact object, to the Engaging Networks Mapping tool

It is this field set that exposes which fields are needed by the Engaging Networks Mapping tool when a new mapping is created. Please note that the field set is only checked on mapping creation and fields add after the fact are not automatically added to the mapping. This may be improved in a subsequent update but you can manually add fields through the Mapping Templates configuration.

The fields added on the fieldset, are then made available to the Engaging Networks Mapping tool

If more fields need to be exposed, then heading to the object's Engaging Networks Mapping's Field Set and dragging them over, will open them to the Mapping Tool.

Drag the fields that are needed in the mapping

Custom Objects

It is important to note that custom sObjects, added to the Engaging Networks Mapping object ( under Custom Settings ), need to have the field set named 'Engaging Networks Mapping' included.

To do so, navigate to the respective object and search for Field Sets. Hit 'New' and enter the following information :

Field Set Label: Engaging Networks Mapping

Field Set Name: Engaging_Networks_Mapping

Where is this used: Engaging_Networks_Mapping

Adding a new fieldset to a custom object

Then drag over the fields required to be used in the mapping.