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Installing the EN Connector package

Latest URL

For the latest package, please see Latest Package

Installing the package

Copy the 'latest URL' and log into the respective Salesforce instance. Once logged in, paste the package URL into the browser and hit enter. This should start in the installation process.

Copy and paste URL, once logged into Salesforce

When asked for the security level, click Grant access to all users and select ‘Next’.

When prompted, click ‘Yes’ and grant access to these third-party web sites. This will enable access to the Engaging Networks API.

Wait for the installation to finish.

Installation completed

What is installed

For an overview of what is installed, see What is installed

Configuring the connector

Next, decide how to configure the connector for your organisation.


For possible issues, please see Troubleshooting

For possible questions, please see Common Questions

( We welcome you to add any solutions that you may find helpful to others! )