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The Mapping Template area is the under lying configuration for the visual Engaging Networks Mapping layer

Manually adding a field to a Mapping

In order to add fields after the mapping is created or if particular fields are not appearing under the Engaging Networks Mapping field-set, use the process below to manually add them.

Step 1

Under Mapping Templates, edit the relevant template. This will load the respective mappings template configuration.

An example list of mappings in a test account.

Step 2

Under the Components Mapping section, edit the respective sobject.

In the example below, it is the Opportunity object and the requirement is to add the NSPS Contact Role Up field 'npe01__Contact_Id_for_Role__c'. This allows the Opportunity to be attached to the Contact on passing in SFDC Contact ID.

Opportunity - Component Mapping.png

Step 3

Now edit the object under the Components Mapping and hit New Component Mapping. Specify a friendly name and the full API name of the field.

For this example, let's add the NSPS Contact Role Up field 'npe01__Contact_Id_for_Role__c' to the mapping.

Opportunity - Component Mapping Item Detail.png

Step 4

Go back to the relevant mapping under Engaging Networks Mappings. The new field should now be available for use.

Contact Id for Role mapping example.png