Custom settings: Engaging Networks Mappings

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Found under Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Engaging Networks Mappings

Add sObjects to Mapping options

In order to set up which Salesforce objects the connector will use, 'Engaging Networks Mappings' must be configured to list each sObject.

Navigate to Set Up > Develop > Custom Settings and select Manage, next to Engaging Network Mappings.

Adding Contact

Select New and populate as follows:

Name: object name or description

sObject Name: the sObject name of the standard or custom object to map to, e.g., Contact

Click Save

Adding additional objects

Repeat the above step for any Salesforce object you would like to synch data to and from. The following are the most typical ones to use. Be sure to specify the correct API name for any additional custom objects you would like to synch to or from.

Adding a custom object

Some other example sObject names, that could be used :

rC_Connect__Batch_Upload__c (NGOC Batch Upload object)




Lead (if mapping to leads instead of account and contacts)




For custom objects, please check that the field set Engaging Networks Mapping has been created. This is how the EN Connector knows which fields to render, on the Engaging Networks Mapping tool.